Publications of NCZCC

In addition to Centre’s own magazine, the Centre also publishes books & monographs on various art subjects from time to time. The prominent publications of the Centre include: –


PublicationWriterContents in brief
Bharat Aur Unaka Natya Shastra  Braj Ballabh MishraThe book is a short summary of Bharat Muni’s Natya Shastra providing basic and important elements of Theatre in a simple and lucid style.
Uttar Pradesh Ki JanjatiyanDr. Amir HasanMohiya, Jaunsari, Tharu, Boxa, Raji and few other tribes inhabiting in Mirzapur district of Uttar Pradesh have been extensively covered in this book. The book deals with socio-economic background of these tribes, their folk dances, songs and their traditions etc.
Rajasthan Ke Lok Nritya  Dr. Shakuntala VapanaRegional folkdances, occupational dances and dances of nomads of various communities in Rajasthan, have been described in this book. Special attention has been paid to folk instruments which accompany these dances. 
Garhwal Ka Sanskritik Vaibhav Dr. Shivanand NautiyalWith the aim to bring forth the cultural heritage of Garhwal region of Uttaranchal, this book extensively covers myths and occult, literature, historical and archeological aspects, customs & traditions and folk music & folk dances of Garhwal region. 
Pre-historic Indian Paintings Dr. Jagdish GuptThis book deals with the various aspects of prehistoric cave paintings in India.
Bundelkhand Ki Lok ChitrakalaDr. (Smt.) Madhu SrivastavaBundelkhand of U.P. has a rich traditions of folk paintings. On festivities and auspicious occasions, people of Bundelkhand draw paintings as per their rituals, customs and traditions. This book extensively covers the origin, history , folk beliefs and various other artforms of this region.
Bundelkhand Ki Kavyatmak Kahavaten Sri Ayodhya Prasad ‘Kumud’The Parables and Sayings in poetry form in Bundelkhand of U.P. is not merely documented as the folk literature but it also has ethical values, thus, known as moral science of folk people of Bundelkhand. With the passage of time, these sayings have become torch bearing pillars to society to overcome several problems.

Braj Bhasha Ki Natya Kriti -Lala Hardaul 

Sri Ram Narayan AgrawalWith the objective to promoting the art and culture of Braj in U.P., this book has been published This folk ballad is the story of a historical character Hardaul who fought several famous battles that popularised him more than other heroes of his time.
Khajuraho Ithihaas Aur MurtishilpDr. Ganga Sagar TewariIn the history of Indian Sculpture, the art & craft work of Khajuraho in M.P. occupies an incomparable and distinctive grade. The authenticity of such art & craft work, in context of existing background regarding the history and  sculpture of Khajuraho, the book has been documented & published .
Vindhya Kshetra Ka Sanskritik Vaibhav  Dr. Arjun Das KesariThis book extensively covers the archaeological, socio-cultural & historical background of six contiguous districts of Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Bihar respectively having similarity in these fields. 
Bidesia: Migration , Change and Folk Culture Badri Narayan

The migration of the Bhojpuri indentured labourers caused a heavy emotional loss and suffering. This pain gave birth to a distinct folklore and cultural tradition in the Bhojpuri region known as Bidesia folk culture . This book aims to explore the emergence of Bidesia folk culture and documents the various expressions of this cultural tradition. 

Historical  Monuments  of AllahabadDr. Prabhakar PandeyWith the objective to enrich consciousness of the people about their cultural heritage, 101- historical monuments, forts and  temples  of Allahabad have been projected and documented  in this book.
Historical Monuments of  DatiaMahesh Mishra ‘Madhukar’To familiarise people with  their cultural heritage, 148- historical monuments, forts and  temples  of Datia have been projected and documented  in this book.

Raj Bhavan Lucknow : A historical perspective

Edited by P.C. PantThis ‘Coffee Table Book’ depicts the  historical perspective of Uttar Pradesh from  cultural and  architectural perspective. It contains articles on the various stages of history from the ancient times. It also contains  detail of Raj Bhavan alongwith a brief particulars of all the Chief  Commissioners, Lt.Governors and Governors who occupied Raj Bhavan.
Bihar Ke Paramparik NatyaOm Prakash BharatiWith the objective  to revive and promote the dying folk theatre forms and its tradition , this book  highlights the various aspects of folk theatre in  Bihar, i.e., Jat-Jatin, Natua Naach and Salhes Naach, Huduk Naach and Kirtania and Bidapat etc. This book also throws light on Bidesia and Bhikhari Thakur.
Raza Library , RampurContributor-Rai Umapati RayThis pictorial Coffee Table Book  depicts and projects the intricate Mughal style of interior  and historical significance of the  Library. It contains articles on the various stages of history  of  the world renowned library
Allahabad and Allahabad MuseumContributor-    Rai Umapati RayThis pictorial Coffee Table Book depicts and projects a  brief history of establishment of the Allahabad Museum, a national level museum of India. It describes the collection of a wide variety of antiquities ranging from the prehistoric period to the present day.